Benjamin Geiser - Artist Fraction

Interior designer and artist part of his life
Creative minimalist, invariably in search of the essential

Workshop in Neuchâtel – Switzerland 

Telephone: +41 79 525 51 73

Rue de Beauragard 35 – CH 2000 Neuchâtel


The essential. This is what has fueled me for so many years.
Reduce, reduce and reduce again to enhance the essentials.

Emptiness is undoubtedly one of the most difficult things to achieve today, in one’s mind and in one’s environment. You just have to look around you, wherever you are, there is abundance, superfluity. Just try not to think about anything for more than a minute, it’s very difficult, almost impossible.

It’s time to tell inspiring stories, it’s time to stop time, at least for a moment…

When I paint, when I create, I spend most of my time reducing any parasites, any deconcentration. The “little” that is retained thus takes up all the space.

Because creating is living! It is the very essence of our dreams.


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